If you’ve never had a facial dermaplaning treatment by a skilled skincare professional, you’re in for a real treat with immediately visible results. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation method that manually removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) using a blade in a professional dermaplaning tool kit. Your esthetician gently skims the top layer of your skin for an instantly brighter-looking complexion.

Once you’ve done your research and chosen a medspa with trained dermaplaning practitioners with excellent reviews, you can sit back and relax while they work their magic with dermaplaning tools for estheticians. Here’s what you can expect after a quality dermaplaning treatment.

Little to No Downtime

Dermaplaning is not considered an invasive treatment, so you don’t need to plan for any downtime. But although dermaplaning doesn’t require downtime, you still need to be careful about sun exposure. You can go back to your regular routine after your appointment as long as it doesn’t involve being directly in the sun all day. Sun damage can negate the effects of your treatment or create blotchy spots of pigment on your freshly exposed skin cells. Make sure to apply sunscreen before going outside every day—especially after a dermaplaning appointment.

Immediate Noticeable Results

While dermaplaning is considered safe and effective for most skin types, results may be a bit different from person to person. Some people may experience redness or slight irritation afterward. This isn’t permanent, and within a few days, your complexion should look brighter and smoother overall. Dermaplaning also helps your serums and creams absorb better, making them more efficient. While those with active acne should not have dermaplaning done, dermaplaning is often used to help improve the look of acne scars.

Facial Hair Does Not Grow Back Darker or Thicker

Dermaplaning doesn’t remove facial hair by the root, unlike waxing. After three weeks to a month, your peach fuzz will grow back. But the hair does not grow back thicker or darker in the process. It should return to the same state as before. After three or so weeks, you’ll need to go back to get rid of those built-up dead skin cells and peach fuzz! You can probably see why dermaplaning is so enticing. It’s also a favorite form of exfoliation for estheticians.

Other Helpful Tips

If you have concerns, talk to your dermatologist or dermaplaning professional to make sure you’re prepared before and after your treatment. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind:

  • If you use retinoids, it’s best to avoid them for a few days after dermaplaning.
  • Do not use any physical facial scrubs for two to three days after your treatment.
  • It’s best to avoid makeup for 24 hours after dermaplaning.

If your ultimate goal is smoother, more radiant-looking skin and a more youthful-looking complexion, dermaplaning is one of the best skincare treatments for you. Give yourself a glow-up in the coming year—you deserve it.

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